Difference between Humidifier, Atomizer, and Diffuser that you should know

There are many confusions between Humidifier, Atomizer, and Diffuser Let me clear about the difference between Humidifier, Atomizer, and Diffuser


  • Humidifier emits a fine water mist in the air as some water is used in it to operate.
  • It will be either warm mist or cool mist depending on the type of humidifier we use.
  • Humidifier eases skin and other breathing symptoms by loosening mucus.

As mentioned above humidifier clears the air by adding water moisture in the air and clears the air so that to ease you can breathe properly Don’t use a humidifier as a diffuser(I’ll explain it later on this page) by adding essential oil along with water without any proper knowledge as it may damage it. Mainly there are two types of humidifier., Warm Mist Humidifier, and Cool Mist Humidifier. Warm mist humidifier boils the water and releases the steam in the air whereas Cool Mist Humidifier uses Ultra Sonic technology to break down the water instead of boiling them and releases fine cool mist in the air. You can use Essential oil mixed with water so that to get a good smell along with the cool mist. To buy a Portable Ultra Sonic Humidifier with LED lights (aka The mini USB bottle Humidifier) click here to get it and to know more about the Humidifier and difference about warm mist and cool mist check this post.


The diffuser is just like an ultrasonic humidifier which releases good smell in the air along with moisture. The health benefits of essential oils are largely recognized in holistic healthcare fields such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Chiropractic to name a few. We use them extensively in our Spa services to eliminate nervous tension, enhance blood circulation and relieve pain.


 The atomizer is just like a diffuser. Some people call it as Nebulizer. Atomizer does the same job as diffuser does the main difference is Atomizer breakdown of essential oils into very tiny particles. It requires a high velocity, pressurized air stream, and a specially designed jet nozzle. The rate of evaporation is highly accelerated and occurs almost instantly.