The PHILIPS Mijia LED Lamp comes with an advanced dual-light source design, optimizing the contrast ratio to meet strict IESNA standards. It is designed specifically to provide the ultimate lighting experience for users.


This level of engineering ensures your eyes always has just the right light for the task at hand. The Mijia LED lamp is also designed with a purpose to deliver optimal eye comfort and safety whenever you read or work.

Capable of projecting 90cm-diameter wide-angle lighting, it is perfectly optimized to deliver the exact amount of light uniformly to maximize your eye comfort. It has adjustable light intensity with dimmer switch function.

Its built-in precision ambient light sensor, the desk lamp is always passively and accurately measuring the surrounding ambient light, to calibrate the background lighting for reading and other activities. Which means the desk lamp can sensitively perceive the surrounding ambient light, thus achieving more accurate calibration for reading purpose and optimizing the background lighting.

It comes with a unique night light design, simply touch any area on the desk lamp at night to turn on the backlight.

Main Features:

  • Energy saving: built-in LED, for maximum efficiency and lower running costs
  • Energy efficient design: save more energy compared to traditional light sources
  • Bright cool white light (up to 4000K): carefully calibrated color temperature for maximum eye comfort
  • Philips LED desk light delivers higher color rendering with uniform lighting
  • Surface light reflections minimized with an optimized contrast ratio
  • Excellent heat dissipation; safe to use for families with no risk of burns


The user experience is what makes brands successful and products desirable. The design language, quality of materials, and features of the Stand Table Lamp reflect this philosophy perfectly. This product is manufactured by two tech giants, Philips and Xiaomi.

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