Tanix TX28 TV Box

   Tanix has introduced the latest TV set-top boxes called Tanix TX28 TV Box is one of its highest quality products. As this TV box delivers high quality experience at a good price. Let me give information about it features in detail.


The Tanix TX28 TV box boasts high performance. As it is Powered by the RK3328 CPU and the Mali-450 MP2 GPU which delivers a powerhouse performance.

It also supports Bluetooth 4.1, dual-band Wi-Fi and 100M Ethernet, for superb high-speed connectivity and it is Based on Android 7.1, the Tanix TX28 TV box offers a silky-smooth user experience.


You can connect the TV box to remote control or smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Ethernet offers you a fast network speed. All of them give you a smooth and wonderful watching experience

HDMI 2.0 ensures you that if you play a 4k video it will display the exact 4k video format so that you can get true HD experience

Moreover, the Tanix TX28 offers unlimited expansion so that you can install as many add-ons or apps as you want. This includes Skype chatting, Picasa, YouTube, and thousands more. This box is equipped with the RK3328 chipset. It processes data at high speed and enhances the performance.

So whether you’re enjoying an immersive cinema experience, playing your favorite game, listening to your favorite tunes, or just surfing the web, it automatically configures to stable power at all times.


Tanix TX28 TV Box is designed for your family to give the best experience. A remote control is powered by two AAA batteries which are not included in the box. The price of the product is $69.99

Location of the warehouse – China. Those who like to purchase the Tanix TX28 TV Box (click here)