Price: $20.75

About this product

Zuoqi Wood Grain Style Aroma Diffuser with colorful LED. You heard about Aroma Diffuser but Zuoqi Aroma Diffuser is a difference in terms of its Designs. It comes with a wooden style and it also comes with colorful Led lights along with a Diffuser which will look more beautiful and will give you a beautiful look at your home.


  • Gives you the good smell.
  • Built with wooden style.


This is the most beautiful Aroma Diffuser I have ever seen. This Aroma Diffuser comes with a wooden design along with LED lights it will look amazing during the daytime and even at night because of its lights. The capacity of Aroma Diffuser’s container is 90ML. Mix water with the Essential Oil (Aroma Oil) Note: Essential Oil is not included in the package you have to buy it separately. You can use it in your Home or in your Office. The package comes with Diffuser, Adapter, and User Manual.

Price: $20.75